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Philosophy, Vision & Mission

  • To grow nationally, representing the diversity of Indian business, the academia and the "not for profit" sector
  • To provide opportunities for learning, fellowship and camaraderie in a supportive and completely secure environment
  • To act as a bipartisan think tank on policy issues involving community, business and national interest, and to be a force for common good

Constitution - International, India and chapters

Chief Executive Officer Clubs (CEO Clubs) is a global business network and leadership development organization. The CEO Clubs was founded by Dr. Joe Mancuso in 1977 as a nonprofit organization in New York, to create a nurturing environment for CEOs dedicated to improving the quality and profitability of their enterprises through shared experience and personal growth.


CEO Clubs India has been initiated with the support of its parent organization, the CEO Clubs, USA. It was founded by Mr. Hari Vallurupalli in March 2008 as Sec 25 not-for-profit organization in Hyderabad and subsequently other chapters in Chennai, New Delhi, Bangalore and Pune were started. CEO Clubs India is planning to start chapters in other metro cities soon.


The membership to this club is exclusive and by invitation only for Chairmen, Managing Directors, CEOs, Presidents and heads of Organizations.


Governance - Leadership & National Chapters

To accomplish the clubs' vision, CEO Clubs India has the following structure:

1) Governing Council (GC) comprising eminent personalities from across India who will:

  • Define and maintain standards across various chapters
  • Act as brand ambassadors and as Ombudsmen when necessary
  • Define Policy/ Procedures
  • Support and Guide the National Secretariat

2) Executive Council (EC) for Executing the Vision and Mission. EC will be comprised of Presidents of various chapters, and Executive Chairs of Committees - programs, membership, communication, research and advocacy. EC will be the:

  • Driving force of CEOCLUBS INDIA to achieve the Mission
  • Execution of Policy/Procedures defined by Governing Council across all Chapters
  • Representing CEOCLUBS INDIA in National and International events
  • Making sure all chapters are adhering to the bylaws, guidelines
  • Be responsible for creating new chapters
  • Creation of National & International programs and events
  • Create greater value to our members

3) National Secretariat which will be headed by an Executive Director and will be responsible for:

  • Overall management of CEOCLUBS INDIA
  • Build the brand, create a special culture for CEOs, and communicate the vision
  • Grow the membership and chapters
  • Liaison between members and chapters
  • Conduct successful National and International events
  • Manage financials and maintain records
  • Interface with stakeholders
  • Maintaining financial health - sponsors

Each Chapter will have an elected Executive Council headed by the President, Vice-President and Chairs for various committees like - Finance, Membership, Events, Inner Circle, Communications etc...


Each chapter shall have its own secretariat which will assist the Chapter Executive Board to run the chapter affairs smoothly and to coordinate with the National Secretariat.


About CEO Clubs India

Chief Executive Officer Clubs (CEO Clubs) is a global business network and leadership development organization with thousands of CEOs as its members in several countries.

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