I have been member of CEO Club for over 5 years now. When I joined the club, I wasn’t sure whether the inner circle model will work. Inner circle works on the model of Johari Window, which requires members to remove the mask through the inner circle meeting. In the last five years our inner circle group has become closer and the mask is coming off bit by bit and this has been a fascinating journey. I have shared details about myself which I have not shared with anyone else. Apart from the inner circle, I have immensely benefited by being on the Board of CEO Club and also by participating actively in the social series and the knowledge series. Today I have 50+ friends of which 40 of them I would have normally not connected with otherwise. I must thank the CEO Club for connecting me with diverse group of 50+ CEOs.

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Chief Executive Officer Clubs (CEO Clubs) is a global business network and leadership development organization with thousands of CEOs as its members in several countries.

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